Delington Delington Buff: my original Buff Orpington roo first and 2nd year 197063531 Delaware hens (breeding stock) 197063639 Delington chicks: on the left...Female (redish buff) Male (white or yellow 197063526 Female on the left, Males are lighter 197063527 young Lemon Cuckoo Delington pullet 197063524 Buff Delington hen 197063525 Haidrien: Black Orp. roo from my seconed year 197063532 young Black Delingtons all black on the left is a female barred are male 197063528 ka-blu-ee: lavender orpingto roo, 3rd year 197063643 3 females (lemon cuckoo & Lavender)on left. (Lavender)Barrred male on right 197063636 Pullet (Lavender) females all came out black or black and brown. all males were barred 197063533 (lavender) pullet 197063638 (lavender) pullet 197063637 Rizzoli - Delington 194223045 Mellow Yellow: lemon cuckoo orpington roo, 3rd year 197063641 young male from lemon cuckoo roo 197063534 Lemon Cuckoo pullet with cuckoo baring 197063535 Lemon Blue Cuckoo Deington Rooster 194223294